Applications are presented here to give you an idea of our capacity to develop solutions. Some are known to be difficult subjects... like low flow rate of starch on large width or  scattering of cacao powder.

Our ability to develop reliable solutions is based on our innovative technology,  our technical expertise, and a pilot plant to validate  assumptions and process solutions. 



Feeding and scattering of salt on pizzas - width: 1.2 m -  Touch screen to control the process and memorise recipes.





Sprinkling of flavor on potato crisps: width 1 m. The over flow  of powder is recycled with pneumatic conveying system, a screw is located in the upper part of the storage hopper.




Aluminium powder scatterer- width: 1m -  gap opening with servo drive. Automation  with colour  touch screen .


Continuous scattering of vermicelli, re filling with pneumatic conveying system,  working width: 1000 mm.


Hygienic powder scatterer for application in medical industry.


 Scattering of fine powder with agitator in the storage hopper..


Hygienic powder scatterer. The front part of the storage hopper can be opened to facilitate the cleaning of the machine.


Scattering of decorations on donnuts - width: 1.100 mm 


Hygienic powdering system. Used to add a continuous flow of ingredient into a mixer. As option, an indication of the output flow rate is proposed (kg/h)  


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