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Powder scattering is probably one of the most difficult fields in the world of powder dosing and distribution. This is due to the difficulty tin achieving at least 3 operating characteristics:

  • Machine direction profile ( long and short term stability of output flow).
  • Cross direction profile (getting the same flow rate at any point of the distribution width).
  • Distribution of the ingredient on the product (free of appearance defects).

Our solutions are dedicated to each application including the type of ingredient (fine to coarse powders,  fragile or less fragile granulates, risk of sedimentation...), range of flow rates, industrial environment (heavy industry, hygienic demands...).

Our experience is supported by our pilot station. It helps us to propose a professional approach for all new projects (feasbility studies, performance checks...).

We present here the main features of our powder scatterers, and some typical results.


Performance / technical data



   :  Continuous or batch modes.

 Setting of flow rate

   :  Opening of the outlet gates + frequency inverter (output flow rate variation in the range of 1 to 100)

  Respect of the ingredient

    : The particle size distribution is respected, the sensitive ingredients are not damaged.

 Max width    : Up to  2.0 m.
 Manufacturing    : Hygienic as an option.
  Lay out    : Can be proposed on a mobile "C" shape trolley.

General arrangement for food industry

Scattering machine, width : 600 mm, mounted on a mobile "C" shape trolley. Designed for sprinkling of starch in food industry.


Hygienic powder scatterer mounted on a "C" shape trolley. The final result is a combinationof design and construction details.

Results - Performance

The performances of a powder scatterer are usually measured according to two criteria: Quality of distribution and stability of the output flow (stability over time and across the width of distribution). These characteristics can be evaluated during tests in our pilot plant.

The stability of distribution  can be estimated by visual analysis (photos showing powder distributed with a fine dosing powder scatterer on a self adhesive support).

Stability of output flow rate can be evaluated with scales.

   Powdering machine, width: 700 mm.

This curve shows the stability of the output flow: the machine delivers a constant flow, scales measure the flow of powder during one second, every 30 s.

    Ingredient: fine salt



    Sprikling of granules (4 x 4 mm), width of the machine: 400 mm. 

This curve shows the stability of the output flow: the machine delivers a constant flow, scales measure the flow of powder during one second, at a frequency of one measure per second.


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