MCPI Fine dosing®  MPA compact mico feeders are designed around a single housing that includes the powder extractor generator and accurate scales. The one-piece design facilitates integration onto production lines. The feeding sequence in the weighing swivelling tank  is performed concurrently (for example, during positioning of a container or packaging).They are available in A or 2A class (scales resolution: 0.1 or 0.01 gram).

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Pyrotechnic application for the manufacture of air bag generators. Cycle time = 5 seconds (net metering time< 2 sec + 3 sec for discharge and balance stability). Standard deviation = 0.025 gram, Set point = 0.9 gram. Unit mass of each pallet is 0.03 gram. Operation: 16 h/ day. 



Hygienic version

Among the innovation of POWTECH 2011 

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